Meghan Barcinski, MS

Marketing Associate

Meghan joined the Foundation as a marketing associate in 2022. As an über proud Texan, she brings the Lone Star state spirit to everything she does. With a master’s in information and communications technology from the University of Denver and a bachelor’s in advertising strategy and marketing from Texas A&M, Meghan brings a unique blend of technical expertise and creative passion to the Foundation.

Meghan finds inspiration and joy in being part of a community, which perfectly aligns with the Foundation’s commitment to fostering strong connections between people with Parkinson’s, care partners, Ambassadors, community members, and leaders in the Parkinson’s community.

When Meghan isn’t focused on her work at the Foundation, she’ll foremost be supporting her Texas A&M sports teams (Gig ‘Em!). You might also find her indulging in her love for photography, skiing, hiking, and exploring breweries. Her passion for capturing moments and exploring the great outdoors is a testament to her adventurous spirit and creative eye. In the future, that passion may take her to National Geographic to live her dream job as a nature photographer.

In whatever downtime she has left, Meghan can be found gaming on her Nintendo Switch, reading WWII novels, or cooking up something tasty.

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