Juan Carlos Gordillo Perez, MA

Hispanic Marketing Manager

Juan joined the Foundation as its Hispanic Marketing Manager in March 2023. His background is in marketing and communications, and he has over 13 years of professional experience in international diplomacy and the nonprofit sector. Juan has a Bachelor’s in philosophy from the University of Salamanca and a Master’s in translation (German to Spanish) from the University of Seville. He is passionate about serving others and advocating for the diverse Hispanic/Latino community in the US and abroad.

As soon as Juan joined the Foundation, he was impressed by its enthusiasm for service toward those living with Parkinson’s. He noticed that everyone spoke so kindly about the community, and it was evident they were proud to be a part of it themselves. He wanted to live up to that same spirit of service and contribute positively to such an amazing group of people. Listening to individuals’ testimonies of what it’s like to live with Parkinson’s—the challenges they face and their strength during hardships—inspires him and fills him with admiration for their positivity and love of life despite any struggles they may encounter.

When Juan is not working, you’ll find him slowly sipping and savoring his coffee, cooking with his Colombian-Mexican wife, and taking long walks with his dog, Teodoro.

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