Everett Graves-Swinney

Ambassador Leadership Program Associate

As the Ambassador Leadership Program Associate at the Davis Phinney Foundation, Everett brings a passion for connecting with others and a deep appreciation for the transformative power of art. After earning degrees in anthropology and English from the University of Missouri, Everett’s journey led him to Colorado, where he spent six enriching years, met his marvelous wife, and found his calling at the Foundation. He recently returned to his roots in Kansas City, Missouri, where he resides with his wife, their loyal canine companion Fae, and two feline friends, Fern and Estie.

With four years of experience in volunteer management before joining the Foundation, Everett is known for his exceptional ability to build genuine connections and effortlessly befriend people from all walks of life. He thrives on witnessing the remarkable growth and illumination of the Ambassadors he works with and observing their enthusiasm and radiance when they extend a helping hand to others. Everett finds tremendous fulfillment in fostering an environment where Ambassadors can flourish and make a lasting impact.

Outside of his work, Everett’s artistic spirit takes center stage. You’ll often find him hunched over his art desk, indulging in the world of watercolor painting. Everett’s endearing goofiness adds a delightful touch to his personality. Quick with a smile and a playful spirit, he effortlessly brings joy and lightheartedness to those around him.

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