Dani Smith

Ambassador Leadership Program Associate

Dani joined the Foundation as a program associate for the Ambassador Leadership Program in May 2023. Dani’s passion lies in integrated healthcare, recognizing the importance of addressing the mental and physical aspects of wellness.

Dani’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s in English from Texas Christian University, and she is currently working on a Master’s in counseling psychology at Regis University to deepen her understanding of the human mind and strengthen her ability to support individuals on their wellness journeys.

Driven by her desire to contribute to the field of whole health wellness, Dani aspires to support our Ambassadors in their pursuit of well-being across all aspects of their lives. With her compassionate and empathetic nature, Dani strives to create a nurturing environment where Ambassadors can thrive and find the support they need. By fostering a sense of belonging and facilitating connections within the community, Dani plays a crucial role in empowering Ambassadors on their unique journeys.

When Dani isn’t working or studying, you’ll find her cycling, whipping up delicious meals, hosting an outdoor dinner party, or breaking into song

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