“physical therapy for Parkinson’s”

Masks and balance

23 Jan: Masks, Falls, and Parkinson’s: Observational Study and Case Reports

The year 2020 has presented many individuals with challenging circumstances, whether fiscal, psychological, or physical. My observation of individuals through the scope of physical therapy is that we are resilient and adaptable, but that we are all being challenged by COVID-19. Many of the clients I treat are living with movement disorders and experience balance difficulties, and it did not take long to determine through observation and subjective report that wearing a mask has had an impact on their balance and walking.

22 Nov: The Victory SUMMIT® Event – BOISE

This November, our final Victory Summit® Event for 2020 brought together people with Parkinson’s, care partners, family members, and wellness professionals for a day of information, inspiration, and connection. The Victory Summit – Boise event featured sessions from experts in physical, occupational, and speech-language therapy, as well as information about resources, including support groups and exercise classes, in the Boise area.