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A black woman, middle-aged, looks at an iPad. She has chin-length black hair, red lipstick, and a black shirt. Her iPad case is white. She has red nail polish and is sitting on a white couch with a white wall behind her.
What’s New in Parkinson’s: July 2023

…duration of dyskinesia. A study involving primates published in Nature Nanotechnology demonstrates the efficacy of intravenously injected viral vectors in crossing the blood brain barrier to deliver gene therapy. Outsourcing…

Off time Shallow focus of a home owner switching off a bedroom light after waking up in late morning. A smart TV can be seen in the room.
Switching Between ON and OFF:  Understanding Fluctuations of Parkinson’s 

…Parkinson’s Medications References’s%20disease%20is%20a%20progressive,an%20important%20chemical%20called%20dopamine. This post was written by the Davis Phinney Foundation. This post is…