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What’s New in Parkinson’s: February 2021

…motor and non-motor symptoms. Rotigotine mimics the activity of dopamine, and when administered through the Neupro patch, has consistently been found to reduce dyskinesias, early-morning OFF periods, sleep disturbances, and…

Parkinson’s Treatments and Dental Care

…mouth symptoms (xerostemia). Medications such as amantadine, typically prescribed to reduce Parkinson’s-related dyskinesia, are not considered anticholinergic medications, but do have some “anticholinergic effects” that can also cause dry mouth….

What is Parkinson's? - Davis Phinney Foundation
What Is Parkinson’s?

…throughout the day. Both motor fluctuations (ups and downs in the effectiveness of the medication) and dyskinesia (involuntary movements caused by the medication) can occur earlier in the progression of…