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Doctor and Patient in Neuroscience Lab, Doing EEG Scan
What’s New in Parkinson’s: May 2021

…they hope, could guide the development of new therapeutics to delay or stop the progression of neurodegenerative diseases. Researchers from the University of Helsinki believe they have found the root…

What’s New in Parkinson’s: February 2021

From the “Give a Dime for Parkinson’s” campaign to adaptive DBS to an Off-Broadway production of Samuel Beckett’s “Endgame,” this month has brought an array of Parkinson’s news and initiatives….

June 2020 Parkinson's News - Davis Phinney Foundation
What’s New in Parkinson’s: June 2020

…people with Parkinson’s – Researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham are exploring new evidence of the connection between Parkinson’s and the gut microbiome to see whether these pathogens…

Senior man playing virtual reality game
What’s New in Parkinson’s: April 2021

news, a research team at Okayama University in Japan is exploring whether a new AI system can detect subtle changes in facial attributes associated with Parkinson’s to help monitor changes…

Green olives in bowl
What’s New in Parkinson’s: March 2021

Sesame seeds, olives, skin swab tests, mitochondrial function, barbershop dreams, canine super smellers, Argentine tango, and more — all are part of this month’s Parkinson’s news collection. Check out the…

Tropical Fruit Fly on piece of fruit for Parkinson's research study
What’s New in Parkinson’s: June 2021

…Molecular Sciences, researchers from the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom explain how investigating the anti-aging abilities of these animals could help scientists identify new targets for treating degenerative…