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Three women smiling and playing pickleball
What’s New in Parkinson’s: July 2022

…without a mutation. “These are important new insights which could help the development of new drugs targeting these genetic variants to slow down or stop [Parkinson’s progression],” the lead author…

Two people smiling and walking in park
What’s New in Parkinson’s: December 2022

…outdoors. Here’s what’s new in the world of Parkinson’s this month. PARKINSON’S ARTICLES In a study published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, researchers share new details about a…

A black woman, middle-aged, looks at an iPad. She has chin-length black hair, red lipstick, and a black shirt. Her iPad case is white. She has red nail polish and is sitting on a white couch with a white wall behind her.
What’s New in Parkinson’s: July 2023

…Interest Registry: University of Rochester Park Test: University of Rochester For more of what’s new in Parkinson’s news, check out our full series here. WANT MORE PRACTICAL ARTICLES LIKE THIS?…