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I’m Living with Parkinson’s

…How Sunlight Can Help You Live Well with Parkinson’s If you would like to choose your own adventure and sift through our content on everything from surgical treatments to complementary

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The Gifts of Parkinson’s

complementary therapies to reduce anxiety and stress—just one of the lessons of living with Parkinson’s for over thirty years. Therapies like massage, yoga, reiki, exercise, boxing, dance and many others…

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…Learn how physical, occupational, speech-language, and creative therapies (and more) can help you live well with Parkinson’s. To download “Parkinson’s Complementary Therapies,” click here. Every Victory Counts – Part 8…

What Are the Motor Symptoms of Parkinson’s?
What Are the Motor Symptoms of Parkinson’s?

…(Sinemet®). Regular exercise, seeing a physical therapist and complementary therapies such as acupuncture and massage can all help manage rigidity. Learn more about Bradykinesia and Rigidity Parkinson’s tends to make…

Medication and Parkinson’s - Davis Phinney Foundation
Medication and Parkinson’s

complementary therapies like acupuncture, speech and language therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy. In this post, we help you better understand your medication options for Parkinson’s. Medication Therapy Medication therapy…

Age doesnt have to factor in your fitness.
A Primer on Pain and Parkinson’s

…lifestyle changes are often very effective. Complementary therapies and interventions like massage, stretching, yoga, increased amounts of exercise, heat and cold treatments, and physical or occupational therapy can help lessen…