Amantadine Hydrochloride

Amantadine can be used alone or in conjunction with other medications to treat slowness, stiffness, and tremor. Amantadine has a unique role in the treatment of Parkinson’s because it is the only medication that allows more treatment of motor symptoms while potentially reducing dyskinesias. People with kidney problems need a decreased dosage. Common side effects include nausea and light-headedness. Possible anti-cholinergic side effects including confusion and constipation. Other possible side effects include leg swelling and a reddish rash known as livedo reticularis.

Generic Name
Trade Name
Patient Assistance
Amantadine Symmetrel® Used off-label for treatment of dyskinesias. Prescribing Information
Amantadine extended-release (ER) capsules GOCOVRI® Only medication approved specifically for levodopa-induced dyskinesia. Product Website Adamas Patient Assistance More Information
Amantadine extended-release (ER) tablets Osmolex® ER Product Website Vertical Patient Assistance More Information

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