Webinar Recording: Your Parkinson’s Life Assessment Workshop

with Greg Ritscher

When faced with an “Atomic Event” like a Parkinson’s diagnosis, it’s essential to learn and implement skill sets that will help you manage it. In this 90-minute webinar, Greg Ritscher, a prostate cancer survivor and person living with Parkinson’s for nine years, demonstrated how to complete a Parkinson’s Life Assessment (PLA), how to track and review your progress year over year, and how to take action every day to improve your quality of life.

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This workshop was recorded live on June 9, 2020.

Who this workshop is for: People with Parkinson’s and care partners who…

  • Love spreadsheets, methods, and systems
  • Are analytical thinkers
  • Enjoy details
  • Love to make plans, take action, and assess their performance regularly
  • Aren’t sure how they feel about all of the above but know what they’re currently doing to live well isn’t working

Who this workshop is NOT for: People with Parkinson’s and care partners who…

  • Tend to act on feel rather than data
  • Do not like spreadsheets and pie carts
  • Are experiencing levels of cognitive decline that make numbers, percentages, and multi-step processes feel difficult and confusing
  • Have a great system that’s already working to help them live well with Parkinson’s

During the first part of this webinar, Greg shares his story of being diagnosed with Parkinson’s and the inspiration behind the Parkinson’s Life Assessment. In the second part, he walks you (and a couple of special guests) through the process of completing your PLA and how to make sure you implement it after the session.

Greg Ritscher headshot

Your Instructor for the Webinar

Husband, father, grandfather, teacher, mentor, author, man of faith, survivor, Parkinson’s ambassador, consultant, and “intrepreneur.”

These are all descriptors of Greg and the “On-Purpose” life he lives. Raised as an “Air Force Brat,” he has lived in many parts of the U.S. and even abroad. This nomadic lifestyle has led to a love of travel and meeting new people along the way. As a cancer survivor and having lived with Parkinson’s since 2011, Greg sees part of his mission her on Earth as being a positive ambassador for Parkinson’s.

He lives his life in a “response-able” way and his mantra for life says:
“Success in life is a Journey,
Not a destination.
Significance in life is a gift,
For it brings Hope.
Life is an Occasion
Rise to it!”

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