Webinar recording: Stumbling Blocks and Steppingstones

With Edie Anderson

This webinar was recorded live on September 9.

Parkinson’s is a marathon, not a sprint. So, if you want to live well through all the ups and downs on the long and twisty path that is Parkinson’sit’s not only important to have tools and education, it’s essential to have sources of inspiration you can look to so you can see what’s possible. 

Edie Anderson has been that source of inspiration for many. We sat down with Edie to talk about her story and how she has been choosing to live well with Parkinson’s for over seven years. Edie is open and generous, and she makes you think that anything is possible. 

Your Instructor for the Webinar

Edie was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2013 at the age of 60. She developed Parkinson’s symptoms after undergoing several surgeries and chemotherapy in her earlier battle with breast cancer. After a year-long “pity party,” Edie found the help she needed through a local support group, where she met another person living with Parkinson’s who shared his passion for exercising. “I became a workout junkie,” she says. “I have benefited physically, mentally, and emotionally from my active lifestyle.” 

Edie is passionate about helping fellow people with Parkinson’s discover the benefits of working up a sweat by engaging in a variety of exercise classes and activities — her favorites include strength training, boxing, and spin class. She teaches Parkinson’s programs at a variety of Parkinson’s support group meetings, as well as educational events in southwest Florida. Her goal is to encourage people with Parkinson’s to find their “happy and then make it happen!” 

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