Webinar Recording: Parkinson’s Disease Psychosis: The What, When, Why & How

With Dr. Christopher Goetz

This webinar was recorded live on August 27.

In this webinar, Dr. Goetz answered the following: 

  • What causes Parkinson’s disease psychosis?  
  • What are hallucinations and delusions and their different types?
  • Do hallucinations happen while sleeping? Are they the same as vivid dreams and nightmares? 
  • What makes some people more likely to experience hallucinations and delusions than others?  
  • What can a person with Parkinson’s do to reduce or manage them? What treatments are available (pharmacological and non-pharmacological) 
  • What can a Parkinson’s care partner do when their person with Parkinson’s is experiencing them? 
  • When should someone see a doctor about them? 

Your Instructor for the Webinar

Christopher G. Goetz, MD, is professor of neurological sciences and pharmacology at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago and serves as director of the movement disorders program. Goetz is also the The Parkinson’s Foundation Chair in Neurological Sciences. He is the director of the Rush Parkinson’s Disease Foundation Research Center. 

Dr. Goetz has published over 450 peer-reviewed articles and over 200 book chapters in the field. He is particularly interested in non-motor aspects of movement disorders, including specifically, hallucinations, cognitive decline, and depression. Further research efforts have focused on scale development for evaluating movement disorders, and he has led the Movement Disorder Society Task Force to develop a new version of the UPDRS, termed the MDS-UPDRS, unveiled in 2008. He has a special interest in placebo effects and how they influence the interpretation of clinical trials in Parkinson’s disease and dyskinesia. He has also led pharmacologic and surgical efforts to treat movement disorders. 

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