The Latest and Greatest on Boxing and Parkinson’s

With John Dean, Josefa Domingos, and Sara Rigarre

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This webinar was recorded live on June 15, 2021.

If you’ve been living with Parkinson’s for a while, chances are good that you’ve either heard about how beneficial boxing is for people with Parkinson’s, or you’ve attended many boxing classes yourself. But how familiar are you with the latest and greatest research about boxing and Parkinson’s? In this webinar, our panel members shared specifics about the research they’ve conducted and described the effects of Parkinson’s severity and duration of boxing training on changes in balance, mobility, and quality of life for people living with mild or moderate to severe Parkinson’s.

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Your Panelists for the Webinar

John Dean
John Dean, MA, CCC-SLP

John is a speech language pathologist, specializing in the treatment of Parkinson’s and related disorders, with certifications in LSVT LOUD, SPEAK OUT and Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery. He has been involved in a number of Parkinson’s-related technology projects and startups, developing tools to improve the quality-of-life for people living with Parkinson’s.

Previously, he was the founder of a network of interdisciplinary Parkinson’s rehab programs modeled upon the ParkinsonNet program from the Netherlands and developed several networks of interdisciplinary Parkinson’s teams based upon this model for a large skilled nursing company in the US. Currently based in Portugal, when he’s not leading his current startup, Triad Health AI, he can be found riding his bike in the hills around Lisbon and sampling the local wines.

Josefa Domingos
Josefa Domingos, MSc

Josefa Domingos is a Physiotherapist specializing in Parkinson’s with 15 years of working exclusively with people with Parkinson’s and other movement disorders. As an educator, clinician, and researcher, she is currently finishing her PhD on Practicalities of Community Exercise in PD at Radboud University Centre (The Netherlands), under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Bas Bloem. She is also currently the National Health Coordinator of the Portuguese Parkinson Patient Association (APDPk), a board member of the European Parkinson Disease Association (EPDA), and coordinator of the rehabilitation working group of the Portuguese Medical Movement Disorder Society (SPDMov).

Sara Riggare
Sara Riggare
Sara is an engineer by training. She experienced her first symptoms of Parkinson’s aged 13 but wasn’t diagnosed until nearly 20 years later. In 2010 she started studying at a master’s programme in health informatics at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. Sara is currently a doctoral student at Karolinska and the topic of her research is “Personal observations as a tool for improvement in chronic disease.” She is an actively engaged patient with a vast network across the community and blogs at


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