Medical Myths and Parkinson’s

with Benzi Kluger, MD, MS, FAAN

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

1 pm MDT (12 pm PTD, 2 pm CDT, 3 pm EDT)

One of the blessings and curses of the time we live in is that anyone can hit publish and push their ideas, products, treatments, and advice out to anyone with an internet connection. Sifting through this information and evaluating it is no easy task; however, our host for this webinar, Dr. Benzi Kluger, knows how to do exactly that. In this session, we’ll talk to Dr. Kluger about many of the myths you may have read regarding Parkinson’s, the proliferation of medical bullsh*t that’s growing by the minute, and important clues to look out for when it’s time to evaluate the merits of a Parkinson’s article, product, treatment, or cure.

Your Speakers for the Webinar

Benzi Kluger Headshot
Benzi Kluger, MD, MS, FAAN

Dr. Benzi Kluger is a Professor of Neurology and Medicine and the Director of the Palliative Care Research Center at the University of Rochester Medical Center (New York). He is an internationally recognized leader in the emerging field of neuropalliative care and the founding President of the International Neuropalliative Care Society (, an organization dedicated to improving models of care for persons living with neurologic illness and their families. Dr. Kluger’s research focuses on improving models of care for persons living with Parkinson’s and other neurologic illnesses and improving our understanding and treatment of nonmotor symptoms in Parkinson’s, including fatigue and cognitive dysfunction. His research covers many diverse approaches ranging from sophisticated neuroimaging to clinical trials of palliative care and acupuncture. He is working on several writing projects ( related to empowering people living with serious illnesses to better advocate for themselves and avoid potentially dangerous and expensive medical myths.


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