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Join us to help people with Parkinson’s live well today

We have celebrated so many victories with the Parkinson’s community this year, and each one inspires us to reflect on the past and reimagine our future. This year, these reflections have helped us catapult our growth.

In that spirit, we’re inviting you today to support our mission and make a gift to our end-of-year campaign.

We hit our goal and earned the match!

A big thank you to everyone for your generosity.

Make your secure donation online or call us at 1-866-358-0285.

Learn about the increased tax incentives for charitable giving when you make a gift of stock or a qualified charitable distribution from your IRA here.

Your Gift in Action

Here are just a few of the programs that you can help us move forward when you join us with a year-end gift:

Quality of Life Research

Our Quality-of-Life Research program and the projects we’ve funded over the past 19 years have changed how people live (and thrive) with Parkinson’s. Your donation allows us to continue working with the most sought-after experts in the field to discover new therapies, improve access to care, address symptoms, and slow progression.

Every Victory Counts®

Our recently updated suite of Every Victory Counts® resources is a lifeline for people living with Parkinson’s and those who love them.

Healthy Parkinson’s Communities™

We started the Healthy Parkinson’s Communities™ initiative to help inspire and support communities of any size that are working to change how people live with Parkinson’s. The program has successfully engaged Parkinson’s volunteer advocates and leaders in over 70 cities, with new communities raising their hands to join every day.

Make Your Gift Today

Join the thousands of donors who help make our work a reality each year.

Make your secure donation online or call us at 1-866-358-0285.

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