[Webinar Invite] Join Us for Our Monthly YOPD Council Meetup

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Parkinson’s is unpredictable. And each person with Parkinson’s reaches turning points on different timelines. However, many of these turning points are shared across all stages and ages of Parkinson’s.

During our next monthly session on Thursday, May 19 at 1 pm MDT (12 pm PDT, 2 pm CDT, 3 pm EDT, 8 pm GMT), the YOPD Council (which has grown to include all people with Parkinson’s – new name coming soon!) will discuss how to know when you’ve reached your limit in living with Parkinson’s. For example, we’ll talk about driving, work, movement and exercise, executive function, and much more. Bring your questions, hot tips, and sense of humor. As always, it will be a fun one!


And, if you have a question you’d like to make sure the Council addresses live, please email them to blog@dpf.org. We look forward to seeing you there!

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