While levodopa has been the gold standard for treating Parkinson’s symptoms for 50 years, medication options continue to evolve. Deciding on the best course of treatment for you depends on your specific symptoms, as well as their intensity.

During this 60-minute webinar on Wednesday, October 7, at 2 pm MDT, Dr. Aaron Haug will discuss:

  • The three main types of medications used to treat the motor symptoms of Parkinson’s
  • Common misconceptions about levodopa
  • Strategies for choosing initial medication
  • Medication boosters
  • Side effects of the most common medications that treat motor symptoms
  • Recent developments in treatment options

Register for the webinar here. If you can’t make it live, be sure to register anyway because we will send ALL of those who register a recording of it once it’s available.

If you have questions you’d like us to answer live on the webinar, please email them to blog@dpf.org.


Dr. Haug was born and raised in Kansas. He attended undergraduate at Creighton University and then earned his medical degree at the University of Kansas. He completed neurology residency as well as fellowship in movement disorders at the University of Colorado, including a year as Chief Resident. His medical interests include Parkinson’s disease, tremor, and other movement disorders, as well as deep brain stimulation (DBS) and botulinum toxin injections for the treatment of neurological conditions. Outside the office, he likes to spend time with his wife, run, ski, and follow Colorado Rockies baseball. 

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