[Webinar] Living Well with Parkinson’s through Dance & Movement with David Leventhal

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Dancing has been shown to improve gait and balance, reduce tremor, slow cognitive decline, and improve overall coordination and mobility in people with Parkinson’s. And, as a result, it has become one of the more popular activities that people with Parkinson’s do to improve their quality of life 

During this 60-minute webinar on Tuesday, August 11, at 12 pm MDT, founding teacher of Dance for PD® David Leventhal will address: 

  • This history of Dance for PD  
  • The benefits of dancing for people living with Parkinson’s (even if you think you can’t dance) 
  • Why dance isn’t just physical and how it can help a variety of Parkinson’s symptoms 
  • Who Dance for PD classes are for and what they’re really about 
  • The value of dancing with others 
  • What to expect at your first class whether it’s virtual or in-person
  • And much more! 

Register for the webinar here. If you can’t make it live, be sure to register anyway because we will send ALL of those who register a recording of it once it’s available.

If you have questions you’d like us to answer live on the webinar, please email them to blog@dpf.org.

Your Instructor for the Webinar 

David Leventhal is a founding teacher and Program Director for Dance for PD®, a program of the Mark Morris Dance Group that has now been used as a model for classes in more than 300 communities in 25 countries. He leads classes for people with Parkinson’s around the world and trains other teachers in the Dance for PD® approach. He has co-produced three volumes of a successful At Home DVD series for the program and has been instrumental in initiating and designing innovative projects involving live streaming and Moving Through Glass, a dance-based Google Glass App for people with Parkinson’s. He received the 2016 World Parkinson Congress Award for Distinguished Contribution to the Parkinson’s Community and was a co-recipient of the 2013 Alan Bonander Humanitarian Award from the Parkinson’s Unity Walk. He graduated from Brown University with honors in English Literature. 

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