[Webinar] Join us to Learn about Depression, Anxiety, and Apathy (and how to manage them)

Depression and Anxiety - Davis Phinney Foundation

Join us on Monday, February 24, 2020, at 11:30 am Pacific (12:30 Mountain, 1:30 pm Central, 2:30 pm Eastern) for a webinar with Dr. Greg Pontone on the topics of depression, anxiety, apathy, and how to manage them.

Approximately 50-60% of people living with Parkinson’s experience varying levels of depression and anxiety. It’s important to know the difference between these common mood disorders so you can accurately explain how you’re feeling to your doctor and get the care you need.

In this webinar on anxiety, depression, and apathy, Dr. Pontone will answer the following:

  • What’s the difference between depression, anxiety, and apathy and how are they related?
  • What are the different types of depression and anxiety?
  • What are the causes of depression, anxiety, and apathy in people living with Parkinson’s?
  • When and how do you treat depression?
  • When and how do you treat anxiety?
  • How do you treat apathy?
  • What are some of the latest in treatments, including non-pharmacological interventions for these mood-related issues?
  • And much more!

Register for the webinar here. If you can’t make it live, be sure to register anyway because we will send ALL of those who register a recording of it once it’s available.

If you have questions you’d like us to answer live on the webinar, please email them to blog@dpf.org

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