Want to be a captain for the Every Victory Counts Challenge?

Steve Hovey Fundraising Davis Phinney Foundation

Has the athletic event you’ve been looking forward to all year been canceled?  

Do you have a bunch of training miles on your legs and feet and don’t want them to go to waste? 

Or are you just ready for a challenge as you seek out the silver linings during this uncertain time? 

We hear you. 

At this time of year, we’re usually gearing up for our event season. That means Ride The Rockies, Tour de Victory, Copper Triangle, and more.  

We’re looking forward to seeing our friends and celebrating our victories in person. 

Not this year they tell us. Hopefully next. 

Well, we’re not ones to wait around. After all, participating in daily and intense exercise is one of the very best things you can do to live well with Parkinson’s.   

Which is why we’ve decided to take all the time and resources we would have put into our in-person events and put them toward the Every Victory Counts Challenge. We’ll be walking, hiking, cycling, running, and celebrating all the ways we move to live well throughout the month of July.  

And right now, we’re looking for volunteers and team captains who can help connect in their communities, organize a team, and rally with us to support the mission of the Davis Phinney Foundation. 

Does that sound like you? 

If you’re curious but want to learn more, here are a few of our superhero volunteer leaders who have stepped up to help.  We hope you can join us too! 

Pat and Cidney Donahoo  

Pat and Cidney Donahoo are super volunteers who have hosted garage sales and pancake breakfasts, manned aid stations at Ride The Rockies, and connected the Parkinson’s community near their home in Las Vegas.  

Cidney was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2010 at the age of 47. She came across the Davis Phinney Foundation as she was researching Parkinson’s, and together she and Pat actively embraced the Foundation’s philosophy of living well today.  

Person with Parkinson's rides an ebike

In addition to being Cidney’s care partner and husband, Pat is a teacher and an avid cyclist who has participated in Ride The Rockies and many other Team DPF eventsNow, he and Cidney have stepped up to be lead Team Captains for the Every Victory Counts Challenge in July.    

Pat notes the challenges that come with being Cidney’s care partner but says this role helps him remember what everything is ultimately about. “I love my wife and will do whatever is needed to make the best life possible for her.”  

Cidney continues to cycle, often riding tandem with Pat, and has added yoga, strength training, and boxing to her exercise regimen. Exercise helps her stay healthy and manage her Parkinson’s symptoms.  

“It’s very meaningful and natural for me to talk with others about the Davis Phinney Foundation because I wholeheartedly believe the Foundation can make a real difference in their lives. 

Brandon Halcott, Wild Bills Warriors

Brandon Halcott is a volunteer board member with the Foundation and is the co-founder of Tru Family Dental, a Midwest-based dental support organization with offices throughout Michigan and Illinois. Introduced to the Davis Phinney Foundation following his father’s diagnosis with young-onset Parkinson’s, Brandon has experienced firsthand the impact of the Foundation’s work to help people with Parkinson’s live well today.  

An ever-smiling, fundraising powerhouse, you’ll find Brandon climbing the mountain passes every summer at The Copper Triangle, an event he rode with his father and now shares with his children. With group rides in a state of flux, he raised his hand to help with the Every Victory Counts Challenge. He also established a challenge matching fund from his father’s legacy, The Wild Bill’s Warriors Foundation. Despite being a busy father of two children under three years old and one on the way, he’s making time to get out and support the Every Victory Counts Challenge as one of our honorary Team Captains.  

 Ready to join us? 

We’re inviting volunteers of all abilities from far and wide to join us as team captains for the Every Victory Counts Challenge. Captains help connect, share the virtual event in their community, and get family and friends on board to run, walk, ride, and move in July.  You’ll receive a team captain kit, t-shirt, mask, tools, and guidance on how to lead your team to many moments of victory, all while connecting with an amazing community. 

 What now? 

Join the Team DPF Facebook page for updates. Or, if you know you want to get started as a volunteer or team captain, email Lauren today at TeamDPF@dpf.org 

And stay tuned. We’ll let you know in a few days how to register to participate in the Every Victory Counts Challenge. 

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