Join us for a virtual event filled with information and inspiration unique to your Parkinson’s journey.

Join us on Friday, February 18, 2022 to learn not only about the causes of autonomic symptoms in Parkinson’s but also how you can take action to manage these symptoms, improve your quality of life, and live well with Parkinson’s today.

Digestion, temperature regulation, blood pressure, perspiration—all relate to systems in your body that, ideally, work without your having to even think about them. In Parkinson’s, however, these autonomic systems can get thrown off track, leading to symptoms like constipation, nOH, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, pain, and more. And all these symptoms can significantly impact a person’s quality of life.

With this awareness, we are centering our first The Victory Summit Virtual Event of 2022 around the autonomic symptoms of Parkinson’s. We will take a deep dive into gut health, pain, and autonomic dysfunction and regulation with some of the world’s leading Parkinson’s medical experts. In addition, we will feature short movement breaks that fit the event’s theme and that will show you how to move to manage these symptoms.

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