Samantha Narciso, MEd

Program Associate

Samantha joined the Foundation as a program associate in June 2022. From a young age, Samantha’s life has been intertwined with Parkinson’s, and her dad’s diagnosis of young onset Parkinson’s (YOPD) when she was just six years old inspired her to advocate for Parkinson’s awareness. Samantha is inspired by the Foundation’s commitment to supporting and educating individuals with Parkinson’s, regardless of their age or stage in life. At the Foundation, Samantha has found the perfect opportunity to dedicate herself to improving the lives of individuals with Parkinson’s and their families.

One of the most inspiring aspects of Samantha’s role lies in her interactions with the Foundation’s Ambassadors. Growing up in the Parkinson’s community, she understands the unique challenges families face. Our Ambassadors have opened their hearts and lives to Samantha, recognizing her role as a valuable member of her father’s care team. These meaningful relationships have allowed Samantha to flourish, deepening her understanding of Parkinson’s, and enriching her connection with her father. Through her work, she has become a more confident and capable advocate for his care.

When Samantha is not working, you’ll find her watching Marvel movies and cult documentaries, singing opera, performing comedy sets, or solving puzzles.

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