Melani Dizon

Director of Education & Content

Mel joined the Davis Phinney Foundation in January 2018 after 25 years of working as an educator, counselor, freelance writer, and editor. She is the one who drives, creates, and edits our educational content, including blog posts, webinars, meetups, online events, workshops, publications, Foundation communications, and more. Mel joined the Foundation because she was inspired by its mission to help people live well today, and continuing to bring this mission to life and the people she has met in the Parkinson’s community is what’s kept her here. When she’s not writing or trying to organize everything in life, you’ll find her doing CrossFit, keeping up a streak, drinking scalding-hot-like-the-sun decaf chai, or hanging out with her two pups and trying to convince her husband and daughter that five+ dogs is the correct number of dogs.


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