Gabriella Dimotsantos

Community Engagement Manager

Gabby became a member of the Davis Phinney Foundation team in January 2018. Her career has been sprinkled with academia, business development and management, and human services through work in university, startup, and non-profit settings. Gabby is a passionate humanitarian who brings a curious, strategic, and person-centered approach to all she does.

Gabby has helped in the design and launch of the Healthy Parkinson’s Communities™ initiative and network to help make the places where we live, work, and play more inclusive and supportive for those living with Parkinson’s. She formed and facilitated the National Engagement Advisory Team, an assortment of leaders from national companies and organizations who work to build healthier Parkinson’s communities together. Gabby also actively participates in multiple groups to build strategic partnerships aiding in the evolution of the Healthy Parkinson’s Communities initiative, such as the Unified Parkinson’s Advisory Council (UPAC), PD Avengers, Local Leaders for Socially Connected Communities by Healthy Places by Design, Health Equity Narrative Building Project by County Health Rankings and Roadmaps, and more. In all partnerships and growth opportunities, Gabby is proud to engage so deeply with our community and bring the voices of the Parkinson’s community to the national stage whenever possible.

In her free time, Gabby can be found lifting weights, creating and consuming art, or spending time with her partner and their two dogs, Stratus and Ripley.

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