Linda Partyka

Wood Dale, Illinois

Linda’s journey began when she turned 40. She was playing capture the flag with her kids and fell onto her right side in a way that told her something wasn’t quite right. Friends and strangers also began to notice that she often limped and didn’t swing her right arm. After numerous doctor visits, Linda was diagnosed in 2001.

At first Linda tried to hide her Parkinson’s; she was more afraid of being mistaken for being drunk than for someone who had Parkinson’s. Linda learned to depend on her support group, her dearest friends, and her family. Linda eventually attended Rock Steady Boxing, which filled more than her need for exercise. It was a place where she made friends, felt no one was judging her, and found a supportive community that helped each other to deal with their unique situations.

For Linda, living well with Parkinson’s means living up to your potential every day. Linda says “our potential will change from day to day, but, as long as we challenge ourselves to get out of our comfort zones, without going into our danger zones, we are doing well.”

Ask Linda about:

- Persistence
- Voice Therapy
- Starting a Support Group

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