Erin Michael

Aurora, Ohio

Writing off the loss of function in her right hand as a pinched nerve, Erin found the issue to be more of a nuisance than anything else. However, as the loss of mobility, use, and grasp in her hand continued to increase, Erin decided to make an appointment to identify what was going on. Within five minutes of meeting the neurologist, Erin was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

Erin initially turned to the internet to find answers and support. While frustrated with the information she was finding, a chance search for Parkinson’s on LinkedIn led Erin to find her greatest support in a gentleman who lived no more than five minutes from her. Erin found a brighter, more positive path with Parkinson’s at InMotion with her neighbor. There, she participated in a Parkinson’s 101 class where they read, discussed, and learned from the Every Victory Counts manual. For the first time since her diagnosis, Erin saw hope.

Today, Erin is passionate about helping people with Parkinson’s live better physically, mentally, and emotionally. Through helping others, Erin recognizes that she is ultimately helping herself view her own challenges through a different lens and potentially find peace in a way she didn’t think of originally.

Ask Erin about:

- Young Onset Parkinson's
- Working with Parkinson’s
- Anxiety