Corey King

Corey was diagnosed in 2009 at age 46, after more than 15 years of experiencing symptoms and a three-year diagnosis process. Since his diagnosis, Corey has retired from his career, volunteered for several Parkinson’s organizations, authored a recurring blog, written two books on living well with Parkinson’s, and served on the board of directors of two Parkinson’s support group organizations. Corey currently serves as the president and board chairman of The SA Moves Foundation, an educational organization focused on outreach, and awareness of movement disorders.

Corey doesn’t want to be defined by his Parkinson’s. He says “ I am challenged by the obstacles Parkinson's places in my path, but I work to remain grateful every day.” Corey wants people with Parkinson’s to realize that a diagnosis is not a death sentence and it is possible to live well today. Corey wants to encourage his community to live out loud, regardless of the challenges they face.

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- Deep Brain Stimulation
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