Brian McElwain

Tucson, Arizona

Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2008 at age 41 came as a complete shock to Brian. Like many, he wondered why he had been dealt the misfortune of a diagnosis of a progressive and incurable disorder. However, soon the “why me?” questions transformed into “why not me?” and Brian looked to what skills and knowledge he could bring to bear against this particular neurological condition. A psychologist at the time, Brian drew on his training and experience to help manage the unforeseen challenges ahead and continued working for ten years after his diagnosis.

As the stresses and costs of working while managing his Parkinson’s gradually accumulated, Brian concluded he needed to retire and put more energy into maintaining his health and improving his quality of life. Today, Brian focuses on what he can do rather than on what he can’t do. On a great day, you can find Brian playing pickleball with friends or exploring a new trail with his family and his camera. Passionate about photography, you might find Brian pointing a lens at the night sky and reflecting on our place in the universe at that particular moment in time.

Living well with Parkinson’s to Brian means taking responsibility to make the best of each day. It means identifying the things that make him forget he has Parkinson’s and doing more of those — a lot more of those.

Ask Brian about:

- Mindfulness and Stress Management
- The Hopefulness of Neuroplasticity
- The Psychology of Parkinson’s