Submit a Proposal to Host a 2022 Parkinson’s Workshop

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Over the years, we have hosted hundreds of webinars, interviews, conversations, large-scale events, and other best-in-class educational offerings on a variety of topics. These popular events offer the Parkinson’s community the chance to learn from and connect with others who truly “get” them and to be inspired to take action to live well with Parkinson’s today. (And, often, to do some from the comfort of their own homes.)

In 2022, we will expand these offerings to include online workshops led by members of the Parkinson’s community. While we have hosted a handful of these workshops in the past (be sure to check out Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassador Lorraine Wilson’s recent “Sketching for Joy” workshop here!), we will formally pass the mic to people with Parkinson’s for these regularly scheduled events beginning early next year.

Apply to lead a workshop

Are you interested in hosting a cooking workshop for the Parkinson’s community? A how-to about finding a new career path after diagnosis, or navigating the world of Parkinson’s? Maybe you’d like to offer a tutorial on watercolor, propagating a spider plant, song-writing, starting your own business, dancing, bird-watching, tai chi, poetry, or…you get the idea. We invite you to submit an application to host a 2022 Parkinson’s workshop! To apply, complete the short form here and reach out to with any questions. We can’t wait to highlight your expertise!

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