Our mission is to help people with Parkinson’s to live well today. As a part of this mission, we are thrilled to partner on the Sidekicks program with Lundbeck, a global pharmaceutical company that is committed to helping people who are living with brain disorders, including Parkinson’s.

Have you participated in Sidekicks? Tell us about your Sidekick – you might just be featured on our blog or Facebook page.
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What is Sidekicks?

Sidekicks is a creative arts program that connects the Parkinson’s community through the power of storytelling.

Now in its third year, Sidekicks was created with a powerful purpose: help curb isolation commonly felt by people affected by Parkinson’s.

Sidekicks includes a series of interactive projects designed to be fun and offer inspiring ways to share your most meaningful moments far beyond the Parkinson’s affecting you or a loved one.

We welcome you to share in Sidekicks from any location – at home, in a support group or other setting of your choosing – with the opportunity to complete program projects wherever and whenever they work best for you.

Interested in getting involved? Learn more about how you can participate in this experience with a support group, care partner or others. Contact us at sidekicks@dpf.org or click here to download and try a project today.

You can place an order for a Sidekicks project kit and receive supplies to complete all three Sidekicks projects shipped to you for free.

As you are ordering, please note the kit size (indicated by the number of participants from 1-3 up to 9-14) and order accordingly. For example, if you have 2 people in your group, order one of the kits for 1-3 participants. If you have 25 people in your group, order 2 kits for 9-14 participants.

If you have any questions, need to order multiple kits, send to multiple address, or need support with anything else, please contact us at sidekicks@dpf.org.

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Tell us About Your Sidekick

Sidekicks projects are designed to help you connect and learn about the person you complete your project with. More than just making art together, these conversations help us share our stories with one another.

Have you completed a project? Tell us what you learned about the person you did your project with by using the form below.

Use the form below to tell us about the person you did your project with. Please also feel free to add photos of you and your Sidekick, pictures of your project, etc. We might just turn your story into a feature on our blog or Facebook page to help inspire and connect others!

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By submitting this form, you are agreeing that the Davis Phinney Foundation has the right to publish your story using your name and the images you include. The Davis Phinney Foundation reserves the right to edit and adapt your guest content for accuracy, relevancy, and comprehensiveness. Please note that a submission does not guarantee publication on the Davis Phinney Foundation blog.