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What Are the Motor Symptoms of Parkinson’s?
What Are the Motor Symptoms of Parkinson’s?

…like dyskinesia. Dyskinesia is uncontrollable, jerky movements of the arms and legs caused long-term use of levodopa. Muscle relaxants and pain medicines for painful spasms and rigidity Anticholinergic medications for…

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What’s New in Parkinson’s: April 2021

…OFF times, and 51% reported experiencing dyskinesia; 48% of respondents reported experiencing both OFF and dyskinesia. Between 86% and 90% said they experienced these problems daily, and more than 60%…

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Parkinson’s Medications: A Primer

…agonists are less likely than carbidopa/levodopa to cause dyskinesias or fluctuations with OFF time, but dopamine agonists may not be quite as effective for control of motor symptoms, and certain…