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What is Parkinson's Disease Dyskinesia?
What is Parkinson’s Disease Dyskinesia?

Written by Dr. J. William Langston What is Parkinson’s Disease Dyskinesia? Dyskinesia literally means abnormal movement. Parkinson’s Disease (PD) Dyskinesia, often referred to as levodopa-induced dyskinesia, can be described as…

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The Difference Between Dyskinesia and Tremor

…highlight some of the differences and similarities and share how treatments vary depending on the diagnosis. What Is Dyskinesia? Literally meaning “abnormal movement,” dyskinesia is an uncontrolled, involuntary muscle movement…

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Live Well Today Webinar Series

…are the different types of dyskinesia? Is dyskinesia painful? What are common treatments for dyskinesia? Are there any non-pharmacological or complementary therapies that can minimize dyskinesia? Is dyskinesia inevitable? And…