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Medication and Parkinson’s - Davis Phinney Foundation
Medication and Parkinson’s

…is an important part of your comprehensive care. Most Parkinson’s medications target motor symptoms and can be extremely effective, especially in the early stages of Parkinson’s. When medications provide almost…

Prescription Medications
No more Sinemet® CR? Now what?

…a long time coming. According to Merck, Sinemet® CR 50/200 mg will remain available in the US until on or near November 2019 and Sinemet® CR 25/100 mg until on…

Parkinson's vs. Parkinsonism Davis Phinney Foundation
Parkinson’s vs. Parkinsonism

…problems. Interestingly, Parkinson’s represents only 10-15% of all diagnosed cases of parkinsonism. Parkinson’s is caused mainly by the degeneration of nerve cells in the brain, while the causes of parkinsonism…