Living with Parkinson’s: Conversations to Help You Live Well

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One of the best actions you can take to live well with Parkinson’s is to build a professional care team. Another way is to connect with others who are traveling a similar path. That’s why we jump at every chance we get to talk to people living with Parkinson’s and their care partners. One of our current programs involves going live on YouTube to interview individuals, couples, and families that are learning to live well with Parkinson’s. During these conversations, our guests share everything from what they eat to what they do, play, create, and lead so that they can continue improving their quality of life despite living with Parkinson’s.

You can join us live for these conversations by seeing what’s on deck here. Or, you can click any of the links below to watch recordings of our past conversations.

Gifted: On Parkinson’s, Poison, and Perception with Heather Kennedy

The Realities of ON and OFF Times in Parkinson’s with Heather Kennedy

“Moving Nowhere Here” with Poets Kimberly Campanello and Wayne A. Gilbert

On Being Well with Parkinson’s + Kat Hill and Nancy Peate

Parkinson’s Progression, Advancing Symptoms, and Being Real with Kevin Kwok

Dancing, Movement, Medications, and Living Well with Parkinson’s with Pamela Quinn

How Isolation and a Ticking Clock Prompted Kuhan to Live Better with Parkinson’s

Work, Giving Back, Deep Brain Stimulation, and Parkinson’s with Greg Ritscher

Living Well with Parkinson’s, Freezing of Gait, DBS + Gavin Mogan

Addiction, Cannabis, Anxiety, Medications, and Living Well with Parkinson’s with Karen Frank

Endurance, positivity, consistency & living well with Parkinson’s with Bill Bucklew

Walking, Writing, Traveling, and Living Well with Parkinson’s with Carol and Charlie Clupny

Ping Pong, Performing, and Living a Great Life with Parkinson’s with Nenad Bach

DBS, Depression, Career, Relationships, and Living Well with Parkinson’s with Cidney and Pat Donahoo

Exercise, BFR, & Vascular-Related Issues in Parkinson’s with Lorraine Wilson and Annie Bane

Clinical Trials, DBS, Exercise, Travel, and Living Well with Parkinson’s with Bart Narter

Attitude, Career, Exercise, and Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease with Kristi LaMonica

Occupational Therapy, FDR, and Living Well with Parkinson’s with Amy Montemarano and Julia Wood

DBS, Depression, Staying Active, and Living Well with Parkinson’s with Doug Reid

Living Well as a Parkinson’s Care Partner with Author Terri Pease

Poetry as Medicine, Parkinson’s Progression, Transitions, and Living Well with Wayne A. Gilbert

Piano, Parkinson’s Hacks, and Living Well with Jan & Bill Grimes

YOPD, Career, Support Groups, and Living Well with Parkinson’s with Larry Linton

Using Humor and Giving Back to Live Well with Parkinson’s with Tom Cosentino

Art, Creativity, and Living Well with Parkinson’s with Christopher Lion

Rowing and Living Well with Parkinson’s (YOPD) with Todd and Heather Vogt

Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease (YOPD), Meaning, Purpose, and Advocacy with Anna Grill

Marathons, VR, Clinical Trials, and Parkinson’s with Joe and Barbara O’Connor

Facial Masking, Communication, and Living Well with Parkinson’s with Rich Wildau & Sharon McClew

CrossFit, Movement, Competition, and Living Well with Parkinson’s with Dr. Jeff Livingston

Acting, DBS, YOPD, Family, and Parkinson’s with Joe Narciso and Family

YOPD, Genetics, Clinical Trials, Career, and Parkinson’s with Chris Krueger

Want to Join One of Our Live Meetups?

Each month we host live meetups with panels of people with Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s care partners to talk about how they live well today and every day, despite the ups and downs of living with Parkinson’s. You can register to join us live or get the recordings by clicking the links below.

I am a person living with Parkinson’s.

I am a Parkinson’s care partner.

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