Five Reasons to Attend The Victory Summit Events

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Chances are you’ve heard from a friend in the Parkinson’s community, or from us here at the Davis Phinney Foundation, about The Victory Summit® events. These best-in-class days of education centered on living well with Parkinson’s are free to people with Parkinson’s, their families and community healthcare providers.

Attendees often express how inspiring and transformative the entire experience is; they’re surprised that so much fun is woven into every aspect of the day. The engaging speakers, among the best and brightest working in Parkinson’s today, and the essential topics covered leave a lasting impression — so much so, that attendees tell us they’ve made major changes in their lives as a result of attending The Victory Summit symposium.

What makes The Victory Summit events so special, and why should you join us in a city near you?

1. Be Inspired.

The daily challenges of living with Parkinson’s can take their toll, and even those who are most committed to living well can use an extra dose of encouragement along the way. The Victory Summit day is all about inspiration for living well today, with each presentation focusing on how to take action — right now.

There’s no one better to share the message of hope than our founder, Davis Phinney, himself. 

Parkinson’s may have softened his voice, but Davis remains a commanding and motivating presence. His genuine warmth and knowing sense of humor are those of a friend, sharing advice and encouragement with his “Tribe,” as someone who knows first hand what it means to walk this Parkinson’s journey.

Those of us with Parkinson’s might not be crossing the finish line first with our arms thrust in the air, but whenever we can be more aware, more connected to and engaged with the people and beauty all around us than we are of this disease, it’s a victory. – Davis Phinney

2. Be Informed.

No matter how long you’ve been living with Parkinson’s, there’s always more to learn. When you attend The Victory Summit symposium, you’ll hear the latest, evidence-based research. You’ll take away a wealth of actionable information from leading movement disorder specialists, neurologists and therapists from across the US, as well as from Parkinson’s specialists that are right in your back yard.

By the end of the day, you’ll head home armed with not just information, but a wealth of practical strategies and tools to help you take charge of your own treatment and start improving your quality of life right away.

I’m amazed at how much information you presented. You gave us a lot to go over and A LOT of help.

Each event is customized to meet the needs of the local community, with breakout sessions designed in response to what you’ve told us you most want to learn about.

3. Be Connected.

Parkinson’s can feel isolating, even lonely, but it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. The Victory Summit events are amazing opportunities to connect with your Parkinson’s community. You can learn from each other’s experiences, share ideas about local resources and celebrate your moments of victory. You’ll join hundreds of people from your community: men and women, young and old — all with different backgrounds and unique stories. Every attendee has a deeply personal tie to Parkinson’s and a desire to live well today.

Take a moment during the day, maybe when you’re dancing with a neighbor during a movement break, raising your voices loud together or shooting your arms to the sky with Davis in a “V” for “Victory.” Stop and look at the crowd. You’re a part of something much bigger than yourself; you’re a part of what Davis calls “The Tribe.”

The Victory Summit was a tremendous day with my mother and sister, expanding our knowledge and support community and inspiring us all to commit anew to a proactive defiance of Parkinson’s many challenges.

4. Be Engaged.

The Victory Summit symposium is more a one-day event. It’s about giving you the confidence, the motivation and the resources to propel you forward on your path to living well with Parkinson’s. That’s why at each event, you’ll find a robust exhibit hall hosting national and local resources that exist to help people with Parkinson’s live well today.

If you’ve decided you want to make a change in your life, be it exploring a new treatment with your doctor, signing up for an exercise class, joining a support group, considering extra help around the house, investigating adaptive equipment — you name it — there’s a resource waiting for you in our exhibit hall that can help you achieve your goal. Plus, we’ve listed exhibitors, local support groups, exercise and wellness classes, and national Parkinson’s resources in The Victory Summit event program booklet you’ll receive at the event.  

5. It’s FREE!

The entire experience is offered completely free of charge. You’ll even enjoy a complimentary, healthy lunch. Really, there’s nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.

Since The Victory Summit, I define living well with Parkinson’s as looking at what I can do, rather than what I can’t do. I will not look at my limitations, but at my limitless opportunities to have a full life.


Look here to see where The Victory Summit symposium will be next, and register today!

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