Suzi Wizowaty

Shelburne, Vermont

My spouse Joan (of 43 years!) was diagnosed with Parkinson’s four years ago. Initially, when she started taking Parkinson’s medications, it was as if she’d gotten her life back. She also began doing Dance for PD, Pushback, and LSVT BIG, and eventually, we moved into a life-care community. The medication doesn’t offer the same relief that it used to, and she has more OFF times, but walking daily, swimming a few times a week, dancing regularly, and eating well help her manage her symptoms.

I am lucky that we can talk openly and share our experiences, but being a care partner has challenges, so connecting with others in a similar situation is good for me. I became an Ambassador in order to be part of a community that focuses on living well, whether you have Parkinson’s or love someone who does. For me, living well means cutting myself some slack, taking time for activities I love, managing my stress, letting go, and remembering that I’m doing the best I can.

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