Jerry Boster

Kaneohe, Hawaii

Jerry has been the volunteer president of the Hawaii Parkinson Association since April 2017. Diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson’s in late 2013 at age 47, Jerry works to help others with Parkinson’s live the best life possible, educate anyone who will listen, and assist in Parkinson’s research where possible. Jerry is a passionate local- and national-level Parkinson’s advocate and was invited to become a member of the Unified Parkinson’s Advocacy Council and the Movement Disorder Policy Coalition.

Retiring as a Commander in the U.S. Navy in 2013 following a 29-year career as a Surface Warfare Officer, Jerry now works as the strategic assessor for U.S. Indo-Pacific Command in Hawaii. Impressed with the work on behalf of the Parkinson’s community and dedication of Kevin Kwok, Foundation board member, Jerry was inspired to apply to be an Ambassador. The Every Victory Counts manual played a big part in his interest, as well.


Living well to Jerry means, living a life as close to normal as possible. This includes traveling, enjoying your hobbies, working in your chosen profession, and living a full life with family and friends.

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