A New Way to Share Your Stories: Introducing Sidekicks™


Written in partnership with Lundbeck 

Our personal journeys are marked with milestone moments: moments of gratitude, resilience, joy and personal victories.

Collectively, these moments make up our own stories. Our stories can inspire and teach others; and when we share them with one another, we create connections that help us practice a positive mindset in living well with Parkinson’s. And of course, as our proud community knows, Every Victory Counts®.

We honor the power of storysharing with the launch of an exciting new program: Sidekicks™, Uniting Youth and People with Parkinson’s. This new program, presented by the Davis Phinney Foundation and Lundbeck, brings together youth and people with Parkinson’s to share their stories in fun and creative ways.

Starting this week, school-aged children and people with Parkinson’s will have the opportunity to participate in a collaborative, creative and educational project that consists of three 60-minute guided workshops, followed by a Storysharing Showcase Event and Celebration. Together, participants will create projects like handprint art, imaginative ideascapes and rock art that will allow them to express themselves and gain insights into one another’s experiences. Youth participants also will be provided pre-education prior to the first session to help them understand more about Parkinson’s.

Here are a few examples of projects Sidekicks youth and adult participants will create together in the program:

Sidekicks Davis Phinney Foundation

For the Davis Phinney Foundation, Sidekicks represents an exciting way to integrate youth into our growing programming with a unique teaching and learning opportunity designed to help people with Parkinson’s share their experiences while fostering positive, meaningful connections with youth.

For Lundbeck, Sidekicks reflects our ongoing commitment to make a meaningful difference for the Parkinson’s community. We collaborate with the community – listening and learning – so that we can put forward innovative programs, like Sidekicks, that address needs you identify as important.  We strive to help people with Parkinson’s thrive, not simply manage their Parkinson’s.

As part of the Sidekicks program, we’re also conducting research to learn more about the impact of this dynamic program. Voluntary surveys will be given to participants before and after the program to evaluate its benefits.

  • For participating adults with Parkinson’s, the optional surveys will assess the program’s impact on their feelings of social connection, self-esteem and feelings of isolation.
  • For participating youth, surveys will assess the program’s ability to enhance their knowledge of Parkinson’s, positively shift their attitudes towards people with Parkinson’s, and help them learn ways to practice a positive mindset, despite challenges.

Special thanks to the Parkinson’s community for inspiring this effort and to our collaborating partners: the American Parkinson Disease Association, Parkinson’s Foundation and The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

We look forward to sharing Sidekicks updates with you in the months ahead and enabling a growing number of youth and adult participants to share their stories together through Sidekicks.

Learn more about Sidekicks!

We hope you will join us in learning more, and we look forward to sharing new moments together one story at a time.

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