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2022 YOPD Council
Webinar Series: YOPD Council

…of the unique challenges of living with YOPD, we want to increase awareness of YOPD, provide resources, and share stories to help people with YOPD live better today. One way…

Calendar Marking Menstruation
YOPD women and menstruation 

Because it is comparatively rare to be diagnosed with Parkinson’s before the age of 50, many people with young-onset Parkinson’s disease (YOPD) face struggles that can go unnoticed. YOPD can…

family hiking
YOPD Resources

…advantages and disadvantages of downsizing, both mentally and physically April 26, 2022 [Webinar Recording] YOPD Council: Downsizing your Life with YOPD Young Onset Parkinson’s (YOPD) The YOPD Council discusses their…

Group Of Mature Friends Socializing In Backyard Together
July YOPD Council: Q&A

…Want to Be notified for future YOPD Councils? The YOPD Council meets on the third Thursday of every month, and every session is recorded and shared for all to access….